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Sophisticated and cool. Inspired by one of lower Manhattan’s trendiest neighborhoods and the fashion for which it’s known, Soho features a smoky white base with striking pewter and brown veining.
Refined and fashionable, like the alluring Toronto neighborhood that inspired it. Yorkville’s subtle grey movement and soft cream base make this colour the epitome of style.
Taking inspiration from California’s breathtaking central coast, Monterey’s soft grey base is anchored by darker grey veining and contrasting white wispy marbling, offering uncommon depth and substance.
Subtle and luxurious. The soft pearl undertone of Montauk is elevated with warm sandy dappling and an ivory marble pattern for a vintage yet modern feel.
An elegant pattern of golden browns stippled against a creamy ivory background, creates a delightfully sophisticated surface that is boldly classic in design.
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Specchio White
A random splatter of cool greys against a clean ivory background evokes imagery of a snowy landscape – icy, pristine and ultimately Canadian.
Softly veined with subtle grey streaks on a pearl white background, this surface whispers sophistication and classic beauty.
An elevated richness. Mercer delivers the perfect pairing of warm neutral hues and bold earthy accents to deliver a cool, elegant style that complements any design palette.
Royale Blanc
Clear ivory provides a harmonious ambiance unfettered by patterns or design. Instead, a simple, clean surface that compliments both contemporary and classical design styles.
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Italian Waves
Subtle grey veins on a creamy pearl background provide a sophisticated surface that is both classic and contemporary.
Swan Cotton
A soft downy pattern that contrasts varied tones of taupe and greys on a creamy ivory background to provide a strong yet subtle design.
A mélange of greys, taupes and cool ivories, this deeply textured surface is actively patterned to create a sense of movement while reflecting contemporary style.
Ultimately sophisticated and urban, this pattern of white and grey veins and swirls on deep ebony, offers a textural ambiance to complement a contemporary decorating style.
Sterling Grey
This contemporary design features random black and grey flecks against a steel grey background, creating an effect of metallic strength.
A cool grey surface that conjures imagery of steel and iron, this surface is the height of contemporary design.
A steely taupe design that is sophisticated and contemporary. A sleek pattern engages tiny black flecks to create a sense of depth.
Uptown Grey
Urban and contemporary, this smooth pattern offers subtle veining in creamy white on a soft grey background, evoking images of cool slate.
A lovely marbled design that engages large flecks and subtle veining in a natural pattern of creams, taupes and greys.
Iron grey with tiny flecks of barely distinguishable black offer a surface that is both contemporary and sophisticated.
Artisan Grey Leather
Cool matte grey with leather finish evokes a concrete-like patina that compliments every decorating style.
Aurora Snow
Foamy cream with tiny flecks of grey combine to create a smooth, alabaster surface that is upscale, classic and ultimately Canadian.
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